Team Canada - Ice Hockey

One of the main symbols of Canada is ice hockey. For over a century, this game has won the hearts of fans around the world. In the Land of the Maple Leaf, hockey is treated as a religion, and every Canadian knows the great players. Moreover, Canada is considered to be the ancestor country of this sport.

The skating rink went through the beauty. Canada left Russia without a final

If the Russian national team had scored everything that they created, then they would have gone to the second break with a score of 5: 0, no less. Yes, only Picard, hardened by the game in the hopeless “Colorado”, had almost the best match of the season, and the Russian forwards, after two masterpieces, began to openly fool. Add a drop of composure and for Canada this match would have ended long before the final siren. Those who hammered a nail into the lid of the Canadian coffin were supposed to become a thruster of the Governors, but the goalkeeper stood in his way. 

The entire third period took place in the Russian zone. The maximum that the Russian hockey players could do was to reach someone else's blue line and throw the puck into the zone without much hope of success. Znark's wards spent half the decisive period in the minority, which literally sucked all their strength out of them. The team was first let down by captain Belov, Kuznetsov violated the rules in a foreign zone for some reason, and Shaifli took off the first puck when young Tooth was serving a penalty on the bench. You can nod at the judges who began to trim the removal, but in fact the Russian national team was summed up by the same discipline.

In the third period, the Canadian team transferred to the Russian team five times. It was a period of patience, a period of clenched teeth, a period of the magnificent Vasilevsky, thrown to be torn apart. The taut thread broke five minutes before the siren, when Nathan McKinnon evened the score with a nickle, and two minutes later Ryan O'Reilly sent the puck under the bar. Canada played to the limit for just one period, this was enough to make a “cabmeck” and break the hearts of millions of Russians.