Team Canada - Ice Hockey

One of the main symbols of Canada is ice hockey. For over a century, this game has won the hearts of fans around the world. In the Land of the Maple Leaf, hockey is treated as a religion, and every Canadian knows the great players. Moreover, Canada is considered to be the ancestor country of this sport.

"McDavid saved his best game for last."

“Canada beat Finland with a score of 2: 0 and won gold medals, while the Russian team won bronze after defeating the United States. McDavid and Duchenne staged the winning goal in the middle of the first period, managing to send the puck behind Finnish goalkeeper Mikko Koskinen.It was McDavid's first goal in the tournament, but last year's No. 1 draft was an absolute team hockey player with 8 assists. Duchenne sent the puck into an empty net and put an end to the final game. McDavid himself modestly said that his merit in the goal scored is not so much - he was just lucky with the rebound.Nevertheless, Canada won its 26th title and is now only one victory behind the result of the USSR / Russia national team. In addition, the Canadians became the first after the Russian team in 2009 to win two world championships in a row. In the final, the Canadian team controlled the puck very well, making it impossible for such creative rival forwards like Patrick Laine, who was recognized as the tournament MVP, to prove themselves. As a result, the statistics turned out to be one-sided: Canada made 33 throws against 16 Finnish ones.