Team Canada - Ice Hockey

One of the main symbols of Canada is ice hockey. For over a century, this game has won the hearts of fans around the world. In the Land of the Maple Leaf, hockey is treated as a religion, and every Canadian knows the great players. Moreover, Canada is considered to be the ancestor country of this sport.

7-1 - Canada won a landslide victory

The favorite in the match was obvious. The Canadians have put together a pretty good team at this World Cup with the clear goal of winning. And the game with Denmark was not supposed to give them any tangible problems. At the beginning of the first period, both teams played in the majority. And here the difference in class between them manifested itself in all its glory. If the Danes could not really create dangerous moments in two minutes, then the Canadians used their chance. Josh Bailey, being at the endline, gave a cross from the left flank to Barzal, who opened the scoring from the throw-in circle with the brushes.

The Maple ones did not stop and after a few minutes continued the rout. McDavid zigzagged around the home zone and passed along the blue line to Ekblad. The Carolina defender didn’t invent anything, and put all his strength on the goal. Genius, as they say, lies in simplicity, and this incident confirmed this unwritten rule. Canada led 2-0 at the end of the 12th minute of the meeting.
7-1 - Canada won a landslide victory, but the Danes are to be thanked for their struggle. It could be worse.